Maximize Available Energy Incentives

,Local Law 97 arrives in New York City in 2024 and building owners and managers are looking to reduce out-of-pocket costs while implementing required upgrades to reduce energy usage and avoid punitive penalties.

BES specializes in helping large multifamily buildings maximize available energy incentives. We partner with ConEd, National Grid, NYSERDA, PSE&G, and NYC Accelerator to reduce the cost of expensive upgrades bringing buildings into compliance.

We carefully anaylyze your scope of work to combine LL97 requirments with programs like AMEEP, to implement required measures while maximizing available energy incentive dollars.

Incentive Application Process

  • Step 1Site Inspection & Survey

    BES will visit your building for a site inspection with the Resident Manager to survey common areas and select accessible units.
  • Step 2Analyze Scope of Work & Incentives

    BES analyzes energy saving opportunities and Local Law 97 compliance to integrate the scope of work into the best available energy incentive programs.
  • Step 3Estimate & Proposal

    BES presents energy saving findings and measures required by Local Law compliance. Your estimate & proposal focuses on energy savings & reduction of operating costs.
  • Step 4Incentive Program Applications

    Upon proposal approval, BES will perform proprietary energy saving calculations & submit the entire application package. We specialize in navigating the entire incentive process.
  • Step 5Inspections & Installation

    BES schedules pre-inspections before the project begins, coordinates unit access, and schedules post-inspections once the installations are complete.

Tell us about your building & maximize your incentives.