Save on Lighting


Maximize Savings & Incentives

One of the challenges with LED lighting upgrades is balancing the solution that would maximize the energy incentive against the solution that provides that best long-term value client. When these agendas don’t match, we address the options with the client to make sure the client gains the maximum value from the project.


LED Retrofits

Often, the most efficient way to reduce energy while keeping costs down is to retrofit existing fixtures. There are many options to select and we make sure to choose the one that bests meets the client’s needs.


Multi-Family - Bi-Level Fixtures

  • Multi-family buildings offer some unique opportunities to save energy. In some cases, the corridors are sunlit during the day. And when the lights are required, they are mainly needed for only a fraction of the day when tenants are actually leaving or returning to their apartments.
  • Enter bi-level fixtures. Our proprietary intelligent fixture controller allows for daylight sensing to shut the light when not needed. More importantly, when the light is needed, the fixture remains at a low-output (10% – 30%) level until motion is detected.  Once motion is detection, the light turns to 100%. In a typical multi-family corridor, this level of control can save upwards of 70% MORE than a typical LED. A remote controller is available to easy customization of the controllers many features.

Improve lighting efficiency and save.

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