Steam System Retrofits, Master Venting & Building Balancing

BES utilizes a 31-point checklist to review your steam system and recommend improvements. Common upgrades in 1-pipe steam systems include master venting, pressure reduction, TRV installation, boiler tune-ups, and pipe insulation. We survey inspect test repair or replace steam trap, large common area ones to small radiator steam traps. Pipe pitch and other plumbing issues can also be identified.

For 2-pipe steam systems, orifice plates in combination with TRVs can replace the need for maintaining steam traps.

The improvements in energy efficiency and tenant comfort, with a resultant reduction in tenant complaints, can be very significant.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV)

In combination with effectively executed building balancing, and properly adjusted boiler control settings, BES offers a complete wireless TRV package this includes wielress thermostat, an app controlled trv, backend monitoring,options include leak detection extended battery packs and smart plugs. TRV’s for both 1-pipe and 2-pipe systems offer very significant energy savings as well as increased tenant comfort. Generous incentives make TRV installation a no-brainier for multi-family buildings.

TRVs for 2-pipe steam systems are typically installed in combination with orifice plates which eliminates the need for expensive maintenance of radiator steam traps.

Pipe and Boiler Insulation

It takes a lot of energy to build a head of steam. Steam naturally seeks to condense back to water and will grab any opportunity to do so. Insulating pipes, valves, and the boilers themselves, can allow the steam to go where it is needed, rather than being wasted in your basement.

Boiler Control Optimization and Monitoring

If your boiler is controlled by the outdoor temperature alone, there is a very significant opportunity to add in-unit temperature data to mix. As an independent controls provider, each building is evaluated to apply the appropriate control system for that particular building taking into account portfolio management. In addition, BES will optimize the control settings, vapor stat, heat timers often increasing savings significantly.

BES uses a multi faceted approach which can include heat timer insulation with wireless monitoring sensors, compensate tank repair replace install, and/or vapor stat insulation

Weatherization/Air Sealing Common Area & Apartments

When cold air seeps into the building through cracks in decayed caulk around windows, or via penetrations in the basement, you are simply throwing money out the window (pun intended). A comprehensive sealing of windows, doors, penetrations, and other hidden sources of air infiltration, will prevent continued waste of your money.

Water Conservation via Low Flow Fixtures

Low-flow shower heads and aerators not only save water, which may or may not be a concern for some building owners, but also save a significant amount of energy by reducing the hot water usage. After many years of experimentation with various aerators and shower heads, we have identified the few options that combine the needed saving with the critical tenant acceptance and satisfaction.

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